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3 ways smartphones have changed travel forever

By Ron Morgan

Whether you’re travelling internationally or domestically, there will inevitably be various stresses to accompany you on your trip. However, there’s no doubt that in recent years certain aspects of our travelling experience have been revolutionised beyond recognition reasons being smartphones.

Most of this positive change can be attributed to the advent of the smartphones, and importantly, how the travel and tourism industry has embraced this technology to help deliver a better service to its customers.

This blog will analyse three of the ways in which smartphones have helped us tackle the stresses of travelling and highlight the reliance we now place on our various devices.


 Planning your route

Smartphones, and more specifically the apps available on these devices, have completely transformed the way we’re able to plan our travel routes. Whether it’s being able to effectively determine traffic levels on an upcoming road-trip, or checking the status of an inbound flight, there are countless options available from our smartphone devices to help our trip run smoothly.

In terms of finding the best deal on various forms of transport, smartphones have helped hand control back to the customer. Within a few minutes, the prices available for a specific journey can be compared to find the cheapest and most efficient route.

The airport experience


It’s no surprise that navigating your way through a major international transport hub, which serves millions of passengers every year, can sometimes be a stressful experience. However, this process has become somewhat more relaxed in recent years as smartphones have become more prevalent.

Especially for short-haul passengers, the check-in process at many airports has become much more simplified. Many passengers, thanks to their smartphone apps, are now able to negotiate check-in by simply tapping their pre-loaded mobile boarding pass on an electronic scanner.

In terms of the departure lounge at airports, many of the outlets found in these areas have also added mobile compatibility to help improve the experience for travellers. Whether it’s ordering a pre-flight meal to your table without queuing up, paying for refreshments via mobile contactless technology, or getting notifications when your luggage has arrived, the airport environment is certainly ‘mobile-friendly’.

Choosing your accommodation

Booking a trip before smartphones became commonplace was a much more long-winded, and difficult, process. The choice was often between finding the best deal via an unreliable internet connection, or heading into a travel agents, which was no guarantee of the best deals.

Nowadays though, smartphones allow us the opportunity to quickly browse thousands of potential locations, accommodation options and even the local cuisine with a few ‘taps and swipes’. In fact, 87% of people in India book their entire trip through their phone.

With regards to hotels, consumers now have much more control, and crucially, insight into the hotel or accommodation that they’ll be staying at. Thousands of reviews for each individual residence are now available in seconds, providing customers with a clear picture of what they can expect.

Hotels themselves have embraced this technology, with certain chains introducing their own apps, providing their customers with greater control during their stay.

This is a GUEST POST Ron Morgan who os a Media consultant. All views expressed are his own. 

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3 ways smartphones have changed travel forever

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3 ways smartphones have changed travel forever

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