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Travel Guide to Amsterdam

By Sydney Edward- 

If apart from any city in India, I have to choose a place to settle down in, it would be Amsterdam for sure. Why? Because this the place that gives you an ample of reasons to stay there, be it the city’s atypical restaurants, locally brewed beers, top-notch museums, beautiful canals, easy-going attitude toward Marijuana, or its amazing bike culture. The city is completely able to appeal and amaze you with its charm and quirkiness. To visit this Dutch capital, you don’t have to think much in general because this year-round destination never lets you down and has something to offer you every season. So, in case you’re planning to be a guest of this place, take a quick run-down of this perfect travel guide to Amsterdam by routeprints.

Travel Amsterdam

Best Time to Visit Amsterdam – 

The very first thing that comes to the mind before booking tickets for a new place is when to pay a visit or which is the best time to be a guest of the particular place? Well, if you’re planning to go to Amsterdam, try to make it in July and August, which are also the peak seasons there. On the other side, if you wish to visit the place to see the tulips, mid-April to early-May would be a great option. October to March (except New Year) is the ideal time when you can get better deals and less crowd over there. But if you’re making it during New Year’s celebration, I can assure you that you’re definitely going to have a mind-blasting time there that is even worth experiencing.

Top Reasons why you should visit Amsterdam once in your life –

This one of the top tourist destinations in the world majorly attracts its visitors due to the history and charm of this place. The city allows you to visit numerous places and gives you an ample number of opportunities to indulge in various activities. Here’s a list of top reasons what makes it city so enjoyable.


Travel Amsterdam

To all the art fanatics out there, start with visiting this amazing place full of wonderful arts and antiques from all over the nation in around 250 rooms. The place also consists of a massive library that has a vast collection of 35,000 books and more and manuscripts. Once you visit the place, you’ll get to witness beautiful modern art styles, some traditional handicrafts, and medieval sculpture. You can go to have a steed on rent and make your way to Rijksmuseum.


Travel Amsterdam

This is the largest public park in Amsterdam and is visited by the locals mainly when the sun is out. If there, you will see thousands of tourists and locals, basking in the sunshine, having a chit-chat session with their loved ones or maybe just playing around. Also, the place has many cafes and restaurants that include Café Vertigo, De Vondeltuin, Blauwe Theehuis, Groot Melkhuis, and many more. This is not it, you can even visit the skate rental shop out there, an open-air theatre, and the amazing rose garden that has around 70 different types of roses.

Heineken Brewery

Travel Amsterdam

Beers anyone? Or I should ask if there’s any beer buff out there? If yes, you’re surely going to love this place near Amsterdam. The place got started back in 1864, you must visit the brewery and learn the Heineken magic that is used behind beer-making. The city of Amsterdam was associated with lagers since very long after over some of the recent years, small breweries have come to offer their people with unique drinks to all the beer lovers. So, pay a visit to this one of the perfect places near the city and if possible, buy a VIP tour and try 5 different types of beers with complimentary fromages.

Red Light District

Travel Amsterdam

Source – Google

Here comes the most-visited tourist place in Amsterdam, the very popular red light area – De Wallen. You’ll find bar at every corner of the Red Light District. Try out the Dutch drinks, especially their locally brewed beer and I must say you won’t have such an amazing drink anywhere in the world. Two of the famous cafés you can try there are Old Sailor and Café Hill Straight Blues. Also, if you want you can go on a tour with the sex workers for €30 per person, where you’ll get to hear some secrets and they’ll also show the first condom shop in the world.

Bike City

Travel Amsterdam

The perfect way to explore the city in the best possible is to get a bike on rent and ride it to capture the breathtaking views of the city. The city has provided their tourists with a number of bike lanes so that people can avoid biking on the sidewalk. This is definitely a must-try experience you need to try when in the city. Also, Jordaan is considered the best bike city to indulge in this activity.

Dam Square

Move to any big city and you’ll surely find a center point there, same is with Amsterdam. Dam Square is known as the most iconic landmarks in the city where you’ll get a chance to visit some of the must-visit places like the renowned Royal Palace, Madame Tussauds Wax Museum, and New Church. In fact, visiting Dam Square can be the ideal way to start exploring the city. Also, every January, the area present outside the Dam Square transformed into a beautiful tulip garden with more 200,000 tulips on the National Tulip Day. Visit the area and don’t just appreciate the beauty of the place but pick one as well.

How to Reach Amsterdam?

After learning about the best time to visit a place and what things to try out there, here’s your next thing, how you can reach there.

By Air: If you’re traveling to Amsterdam by air, reach the Schipol International Airport that is also known as one of the busiest airports in the world, and is just 15km from the South-West of the main city. It is even amazingly connected to different cities in the world by regular flights. You can take a public bus or just hire a cab from the airport to head towards your hotel.

By Bus: The most cost-effective and stress-free way to reach Amsterdam is definitely by bus. You will find a number of international bus services that go through this route on a daily basis. You can board a public bus from the main European cities like London and Paris to reach Amsterdam that runs frequently from there via Brussels.

By Train: The city is well-connected to railways with most of the main cities in Europe. You can board a high-speed train from London, Paris, Brussels, Frankfurt, and Berlin to Amsterdam. The best part about going on a train journey is that you’ll get to witness some amazing scenic views on your way. You can take the Eurostar from London and then change at Brussels that will make you reach Amsterdam is no less than 7 hours.

By Road: The option is somehow not the best or I should say the preferred way to reach Amsterdam due to most of the one-way roads and bad parking facilities. Even if you choose traveling by road, make sure you park your car somewhere outside Amsterdam and then explore the place by bike, public transport, or foot.

By Water: Taking a cruise is undoubtedly the most luxurious way to enter the city. Also, Amsterdam is considered the crucial maritime in Europe.

This is a GUEST POST Sydney, founder of routeprints.com. All views expressed are his own. 

Author: Ayandrali
Travel Guide to Amsterdam

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Travel Guide to Amsterdam

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