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My 3 Day Of Leisure In Heavenly Mykonos

Mykonos, the island in the Cyclades group in the Aegean Sea, is not just about the deep blue sea, yacht parties and hideaway for all the insatiable revelers. The mythical birthplace of Apollo and Aphrodite, Mykonos is one of the Unesco World Heritage sites that sees well-preserved archaeological sites.


The moment I landed on this perfectly photogenic island two years ago with, the cobbled path filled with the shades of pink bougainvillea that gave the streets a character of its own filled with romance, while the blue and white combination of Greek architectural houses, Mykonos was nothing less than a Greek fantasy postcard for my eyes. Te island sees a beach that fits each occasion. This island has been Hollywood and Bollywood’s favorite destination, be it the evergreen Mamma Mia!, 7 Bourne Identity or our every own Kajol Shah Rukh song “Tauba tumhare yeh ishare” or “Suno na Suno na” the Mykonos beaches has wooed one and all and the charm of the place can never disappoint you.

Here are my quick picks on what to do in Mykonos –

Explore the pristine beautiful beaches

Little Venice-


One of the most beautiful stretch at Mykonos is the Little Venice – the beautiful little alley sees a number of art galleries, shops and cafes all lines up. As the dark blue water hits the shore and makes it all the more desirable. Little Venice; the little Venetian is all about homes that were built in the 18th century and the unique feature is that they have their foundations in the sea. Interesting right? This beauty lies in the southwest end of Mykonos. A pretty common amongst tourist this place, the houses here are the main attraction of this alley with the coloured balconies that almost hang over the water’s edge. Sitting here as I sipped my coffee watching the Aegean, every moment was totally worth it. It’s your perfect spot to watch and soak in the Greek sunset. It’s a diners paradise for the location. Make sure to reach early to get the right table.

Watch the Windmills


Mykonos, known as the called “the island of the winds” is a land of windmills. These windmills make for one of the iconic features of the island. There are seven windmills in the town that happens to be one of the most visited places by travelers. Though they operated from the 16th until the 19th century, for grinding agricultural yields like wheat and barley. It also shows how the much the locals had put in their efforts to harness the power of the wind. The windmills here have a round shape with a pointed roof with straw “hat.” Today few turned into houses or vaults and one is an Agricultural Museum. These windmills still create that old world romantic charm and add to the character of the island.

Street Fare


The cobblestone streets here in Mykonos surrounded by shops selling artifacts, boutiques, art galleries and more are a shopaholic’s delight. Every turn that you take here on the streets surprises you with its own little vibrant element. The streets here don’t see much signs but yes there’s one main street which leads to all the smaller ones. For someone like me who didn’t want to shell much, I chose to do a sightseeing stroll around the beauty of the island. At times it’s good to see and walk and absorb the moment.Each hidden corners is quiet a charm. Explore your way in this Greek land. Not many roads have signs, mark your own way. The colourful crowd adds to the charm and character of the place.

Explore the Food


The island sees some the best Mediterranean places and not to miss the sea facing cafés serving he freshest if catch. If seafood something then Mykonos is one hellof a culinary excellence. You get the best medley of local and International cuisines. From range of locally grilled local fish and traditional Greek meat dishes the tastefully designed traditional menu is quiet a mouthful. Pair it wiht a wine and life gets better here on this island. Watch the sunset, sip the wine and enjoy the calmness around you.

Beach hoping and Party all night

Green, turquoise water along with pebbly black sand, these some best beaches of the Aegean can be seen here.  Either by a boat, car or on foot one can reach any of the cosmopolitan beaches or secluded coves. These beaches are also knwon for their water sports – banana ride, water-skiing, wakeboarding, jet skiing, parasailing and more.

The fun doubles as the sun sets. Most beaches turn to party hotspot.  Paradise and Super Paradise beaches are two of the most famous beaches for party hoppers. Best place to give our nocturnal instinct a kick. Mykonos is all about Party all day, Party all night.  I saw some of the craziest of partying scenes.

Language: Greek, but English is widely spoken.
Currency:  Euro is used as currency.
Arriving by Ferry: The journey between Athens and Mykonos takes between 3.5 hours.

Author: Ayandrali
My 3 Day Of Leisure In Heavenly Mykonos

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My 3 Day Of Leisure In Heavenly Mykonos


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