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The Ghost Village of Kuldhara

The Indian state of Rajasthan is one of the most loved and visited the place by all travel lovers. The colour, vibrancy and rich cultural heritage of this state makes this place even more worth visiting. Each Rajput city has its own little history. One such city is Jaisalmer – the land of Sand Dunes and Sonar Kella (Golden Fort) and almost 20 kms from here is Kuldhara the haunted and the abandoned village that was once established in the 13th century and then


then abandoned in the 19th century. The village that saw settlement almost three centuries ago today sees only broken erstwhile homes in the cursed and barren place.

History of Kuldhara

Almost around 200 years back Kuldhara was home to the Paliwal Brahmins who had migrated from Pali to Jaisalmer. As the popular folklore goes- Salim Singh, the Diwan of Jaisalmer wanted to marry the girl of the chief of the Paliwal Brahmins community. He had also threatened the villagers that high taxes would be levied if the marriage didn’t take place.

Not having given in to his cruel intentions one fine night the minister along with his daughter and people from other 84 villages left Kuldhara and went somewhere and from then no one ever saw them. While leaving it’s said that they cursed the place such that no one would ever be able to live in it. When the minister returned the next morning he couldn’t find anyone in that village. Even today in this cursed the place no one can stay in the village after sunset. This mass migration can’t be traced even to date.

The Kuldhara houses

Today Kuldhara, the lonesome spooky place sees mud houses properly planned in a row with ruined walls and most of them with no roofs as you walk pass the narrow bylanes. The temples here are also barren, no worship nothing takes place here. A detail look into the city planning of Kuldhara gives you an idea the village saw well-planned settlements.


The ruins see 3 cremation grounds too. Even today you can take the fleet of steps of any of the barren house and get a panoramic view of the village that once was flourished. The doomed land with a series of mud houses and presence of temples and baoli in these settlements show how prosperous these villages were.

Just like Bhangarh, no is allowed to stay here post sunset. The locals of the neighbouring villages close the gates here. The spookiness of the place lies in paranormal activities which the locals have been vouching for years. The deserted village to give an eerie and cursed feel for sure.

This desolated village has also been the movie set for “Agent Vinod” way back in 2012. Going by the more scientifically validating studies it states that the site was destroyed because of an earthquake and all the broken housed and collapsed roofs are a result of the same.


Whatever the reason is, but even till date, these villages are barren and inhabited. The villages are very close to Indo-Pak border.


A little ahead lies the Khaba Fort on a small hillock. As you stand on top of the fort which is now in ruins, you get to see another panoramic view of the village that is all also barren and desolated. Each of these villages is classic examples of great town planning in themselves.

How to reach: Jaisalmer is well connected by Air (Jodhpur, 285km is the nearest airport), rail  (regular trains from North and West) and by road. Kuldhara is 18kms and can be accessed by a cab from Jaisalmer.

Author: Ayandrali
The Ghost Village of Kuldhara

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The Ghost Village of Kuldhara

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