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Most Played fun sports in Indian families during Summer

With the arrival of summer vacation, every parent starts worrying about their kids and about what new must be taught to the wards so that they have a helpful holiday. Besides the good, the worst thing that can happen is watching your kids being glued to play stations and cartoons for the whole vacation. Alternatively, in the worst case you can see them bouncing off the walls due to boredom (laughs).

To every problem, there is a loophole or maybe multiple loopholes. Here comes the best way to save your children from boredom and digital media with indulgence in some sports activities. Active participation in family sports also makes the bond between members of the family strong. Finding games that is suitable and interesting for every family member is difficult. To help you out and make it easy for you, here are a few most played fun sports played during the summer by Indian families.

Flag Football

 family games

Playing flag football is as simple as any game. Rules are similar to that of American football game. First, the family members are divided into two groups and the teams are given the different colored flag to tie around their waist. The main objective of this game is to indulge in maximum teamwork and succeed in a maximum touchdown as much possible.

Players are supposed to achieve this by carrying or passing the ball to their teammates and moving the ball to the other side of the field. Instead of charging on the attacking players, defending players are supposed to grab the opponent by their waist. This rule ensures maximum participation without the fear of getting hurt.

Things Required: Colored flags and a ball.


Whether you are on the beach or in your backyard, volleyball can be the perfect sport for families to bond and reunion. Just choose where you have net installed or install it in your backyard. Then divide the total members into two teams. Six players in each team are preferred but you can add more. After that just start a casual match or a fierce match of 25 points.

Things Required: A volleyball net and a volleyball. However, finding this equipment at the last moment can be hectic. Therefore, you can get it from PayTM mall by using their various Paytm mall offers.

Water Balloon Tag

Water Balloon Tag is an easy game to use fewer water balloons without compromising the fun. In this game, the area is restricted depending upon the number of players. One person starts the game by taking a water balloon and tagging any other player by hitting him/her with it. As soon as the balloon hits the new player, he is supposed to grab a new water balloon and tag any other player. The main rule to keep in mind while tagging the player is that the balloon should burst and if it does not pop then the player is not tagged.

What you will require: More and more water balloons.



This board game is perfect for those family members who are less active or are less interested in active sports. Monopoly is best known as the game, which can kill hours. Before playing this game just keep in mind that Monopoly is very good at bringing the competitive side of the player. In this game, the player travels around the board by taking their turns. During their traveling, they sell, buy or rent the property in order to become the wealthiest player. A single game of monopoly ends when another player has gone bankrupt and there is only one winner left.

Things Required: Monopoly Game

Prison ball

Prison ball is a game, which is very easy to learn and resembles maximum to dodgeball. Most of the rules are same as dodgeball but instead of getting out after a player is hit; he or she is sent to prison that is behind the opponent team. Prisoners can only be revived and brought out of the prison if they catch a ball tossed to them by their team. During prison tie, prisoners should not cross the line or else they would be disqualified. After catching the ball, if the prisoner is able to hit the opponent then he can join his team again and the opponent will be sent to jail. A team will be declared as the winner when every single member of the opponent team is sent to prison.

Things Required: 10 to 15 playground balls.


 family games

Card games are one of the most enjoyed group games where the members can just sit and have quality time. There are a lot of ways to play this card game but no matter how you play, the motto remains the same that to be the first one to finish. The most common way to play this game is by distributing 7 cards to each player and flipping the first card on the deck. After that, players are supposed to throw the card matching the color, number or symbol of the card on the pile. Players can also use a wildcard to change the number, color or sign of the pile card according to them. The first player to empty their hand is the one who wins. You can also mix two or more decks if the number of players is more.

Things Required: Uno card game

We, here, are focusing on presenting family sports because, with such activities, players can enjoy the time as well as gain good knowledge about the importance of physical activities. Games and sports are played on all occasions, whether it is some holiday trip or a get-together, indulging in good sports is refreshing as well as enticing. Family vacations are extremely fun to go with. There are numerous ways in which you can spend your day, laughing, playing and loving the aura. Here we have the most played games and sports in Indian families during the summer holidays. Take out your time to have a good while with your people.

Author: Ayandrali
Most Played fun sports in Indian families during Summer

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Most Played fun sports in Indian families during Summer

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