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A dash of Yellow- Doors and Windows of Pondicherry

Bright yellow doors ornamented windows, and clean streets – without a second thought you know you are in Pondicherry. This French colonial settlement is one of the most laid-back towns of India. This French Riviera of the East is just 8000 kms away from France. Not much right? Even today the city sees much French influence.


Every time I visit Pondicherry its architectural beauty took me by wow. How well the city planning is done and how every house is distinct yet beautiful in its own way. Most of the city sees Colonial French and Franco-Tamil architecture. Pondicherry

This bougainvillea town sees houses and villas with huge and tall garden walls and elaborate gates, large courtyards, circularly arched gates and stucco designs. Divided into the French and the Tamil quarter; both see much distinct style of their own. The former sees colonial styled building while the later sees much rustic and Indian touch.

doors of Pondicherry

This “heritage” town is planned according to the French grid structure hence it sees the has perpendicular streets which are wide and clean. Most of the houses and villas are eminently coloured in sunburnt yellow, white and peach. Not to miss that INTACH, Pondicherry has restored quite a few buildings here.

doors of Pondicherry

The French Quarter (Ville Blanche / White Town) and Tamil Quarter (Ville Noire / Black Town) is divided by a canal. Streets like Rue Sainte-Therese, Roman Rolland Street, Dumas Street, Rue Suffren and more gives you the real taste of the town. As I walked I saw most houses have thatched roofs keeping the climate in mind.

doors of Pondicherry

Pondicherry- the interesting spiritual heritage town is a great example where the blend of eastern and western culture happens.  This place is just Love at First Sight. 

Author: Ayandrali
A dash of Yellow- Doors and Windows of Pondicherry

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A dash of Yellow- Doors and Windows of Pondicherry

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