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Maafushi – The Local Maldivian Island

It’s never easy to narrow down to any destination; isn’t it? Convincing myself between beaches Vs Mountain is my biggest tug. But the blue sea won and it was Maafushi – a small little local island of Kaafu Atoll in Maldives. Surrounded by the pristine blue Indian Ocean, Maldives has always been that fancy dreamy honeymoon destination for most of us and we imagine it also the same way.

Maafushi maldives

So does that mean singles like me stop visiting these exotic destinations? No. And yes believe you me this exotic destination didn’t pinch much on picket too. Located almost around 27 km away from Male (the capital city of Maldives), this pretty little island sees a population of just maximum 3000 people. The ferry (local boat) journey from Male to Maafushi $2-3 while the speedboat is much steep in price.

This small piece of land that houses some very pretty hotels and resorts is just perfect for that getaway one while when you wanna break free into nothingness.

maafushi speedboat

Unlike the exclusive resort island, staying at Maafushi gave me a chance to have that authentic travel experience of Maldives where I got to meet some of the happiest people who embrace you with much love. As I was exploring around this island I happened to notice the beautiful graphite artwork that’s there in most of the walls in the island.  Bright and vibrant they are much attention puller.

While here one thing that I learned that each local island in Maldives has some laws of the land. Being a Sunni Islam country as a guest there I made sure I don’t violate them few being –

maafushi bar

  • BIKINI LAW- You cannot roam around in a bikini on the island, there is dictated bikini beach for the same. The moment you step out, you needed to wrap yourself in a sarong rather cover yourself up. Most of the local woman in the island were seen in jihab. Dress modestly remains the code.
  • ALCOHOL LAW- None of the restaurants in the island serve alcohol and when I craved for that beer I had to go all the way to the floating bar located right in the middle of the sea and quench my thirst. Might sound a little odd but it too had its own charm, speeding your way in a speedboat to the bar, the whole act of doing was much more thrilling than anything else. Alternatively, you can go on a day tour to resort islands and enjoy some unlimited drinks.

salt beach maafushi

I had booked myself with Salt beach resort which was located at a very convenient location, with the sea to embrace you every morning. From my morning tea to dinner the sea was my company as the breeze embraced me. With barely much things to do I was mostly soaking myself in sun ‘n’ sand literally Maafushi was an exciting mix of landscapes, cultures, and cuisines and not to miss those full of enthu happy faces. My travel has always given me a chance to get featured from time to time and one such place was Bongyatra. 


Snorkeling and Scuba Diving

scuba diving maldives

Not having tried Scuba or Snorkeling while here in Maafushi is nothing less than criminal. Most of the time the hotels arrange it , but I decided to explore and pick it up myself. The Maavelaathu, Banana Reef, Vilivaru Corner, Maafushi Corner are some of the common places that one is taken. Underwater sea life view is nothing less than a dream world. Don’t miss the Sandbank excursions sandbank excursion. ( Sandbanks are created from white sand forming together in a shallow area of the sea).

Resort Hopping

There are many islands and resorts around Maafishi that you can explore. The hotel arranges for such trips and private transfers are taken care. Fun Island, Kandooma Holiday Inn are two of the most picked island for day hopping. A day trip will include breakfast and lunch but do make sure to get proper info for the same. Upgrades are also possible.

Water Sports

water sports maldives

Enthusiast about riding a Kayak or a Speed or a Banana boat, or jet ski, or go sailing on a catamaran Maafushi gives you ample such options to try from. The pristine turquoise blue water. white sandy beaches which are barely crowded makes it even more desirable to try them here.

Night Fishing

How about catching your own dinner? Go fishing at night as experienced fisherman teach you those tricks. What more, come back and barbeque them for dinner. Just make sure you inform about this to your hotel a little in advance.


Fish, fish and more fish- that sums up Maafushi apart from jumbo prawns, calamari,. Being a bong what esle would I have wanted during this trip? The food pricing might pinch your pocket but rest assured you will get the best to gorge on. When there don’t miss out on kulhi boakibaa (fishcake), keemia (fish rolls) and gulha (fishballs).

Maafushi food

The Maldivian cuisine flavours see much influence of Indian and Sri Lankan flavors. Roshi (roti) and curry forms for staple there. Looking for that exclusive feel, then a seaside dinner is the best option.

Still thinking if Maldives is budget friendly? Absolutely! Avoid the resort islands and head to the local islands instead. It’s any day easy on your pocket and at the same time, you get much more to experience as you stay with locals and yes can even pick few Dhivehi words. You can’t help and hold yourself back from falling in love with Maafushi.

Note – These Fery and Speedboats from Male to Maafushi and vice-versa have fixed departure so do make sure to check the timings accordingly.

Author: Ayandrali
Maafushi – The Local Maldivian Island

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Maafushi – The Local Maldivian Island

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