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Six Reasons to Visit Anjuna Flea Market in Goa

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Famous for its trance-parties, Anjuna beach in Goa is a haven for free-spirited travellers. Situated in North Goa, Anjuna boasts of tourist attractions like Shiva Valley and Curlies Beach Shack. Another major attraction of Anjuna is its flea market, a colourful bazaar that is open every Wednesday between the months of October and April. The market came into existence in the late 1960s by some European hippies to earn money by selling small articles as part of a barter system.

There’s a bohemian feel to this day-long market, so you should set aside an entire day to explore its many offerings. It showcases handicrafts and wooden wares from Tibetan artists, beautiful wall hangings, trans music CDs, posh beach frocks made from saris, Kashmiri decor, and much more. Whether you wish to take a souvenir home or are looking for pretty artificial jewellery, this flea market has something for everyone.

Jazz up your Wardrobe

If you have seen someone wearing really funky T-shirts with some artwork or famous artists painted over them and wanted one for yourself, you must visit Anjuna flea market. You can also buy some junk jewelry, jackets, scarves, tote bags, sunglasses and more. Booking cheap flights to Goa via ixigo is easier with online travel websites, so get on one and shop to your heart’s contentment at Anjuna.

Get beautiful Tribal, Ethnic pieces

Goa anjuna

Colourful Indian spices at the Anjuna Flea Market, Goa

The market is filled with tribal jewelry, artefacts, and handicrafts. What’s most interesting is to watch the beautiful tribal women that sell their goods. There are terracotta art pieces, traditional umbrellas, ethnic dresses and more that you can spend on.

Buy something for the Kitchen

Goa anjuna

Kitchen Essentials

There are many variants of tea that can be bought at the Anjuna Flea Market. Some varieties that you can spend some money on are, chocolate, mango, green mango, strawberry, banana, vanilla, jasmine, mint, pineapple, orange and even a special Goan tea flavour. Tea is not grown in Goa, rather brought in from the North East. There are also many Indian spices that are on sale, which is a must-buy when you are in the market.

Beautify yourself with some Body-art

Getting a tattoo done is one of the most commonplace things in most of the markets in Goa. If you want something different, you can spend on hair art, where they skillfully and beautifully weave tiny braids. You can also get your hands temporarily painted with henna.

Spend on trance/EDM CDs

All around the market, you can hear the thrilling techno/trance music playing. There are also many shops selling CDs of the same genre of music. What’s even better is that people selling these CDs readily give you a small session of music and help you buy your CDs that have music of your preference.

Gorge on Goan Food

Goan shacks and stalls at the end of the market

Anjuna Flea market is not really known as a foodie’s paradise, but if you explore a little more, you will find typical Goan shacks and stalls at the end of the market, where you can indulge in some sumptuous servings, fresh from the sea.

This post is written by Pratima Sharma blogs as she wants to document her childhood memories. 

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Six Reasons to Visit Anjuna Flea Market in Goa

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Six Reasons to Visit Anjuna Flea Market in Goa

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