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The 10 Best Halloween Cities in America

This is a guest post by  Sarah Larson

With the advent of fall, everyone is looking forward to Halloween. This holiday brings fun and pleasure not only to kids but also to adults who love entertainment. The majority of USA residents decorate their houses and put enormous jack-o-lanterns in the yard. Children go trick-or-treating and enjoy homemade sweets and caramel apples. Friends scare and surprise each other with costumes and treat each other with apple punch. What a wonderful holiday!

But, if this year you lack ideas, but still want to take the best from this holiday, our list of top Halloween cites is for you! Turn the feast into an unforgettable adventure!

New Hope, Pennsylvania

Halloween Cities in America

Picturesque New Hope is an attraction for tourists from around the world. Rich in forests and farmlands, this small city turns into mysterious foggy place on Halloween. Antique hunters will be pleased with the excellent choice of delicate china and nature lover will be astonished at beautiful canals.

But what will convince you to spend Halloween weekend away in New Hope is their The Rocky Horror Show. This legendary musical takes place in vintage County Playhouse, making the event even more mysterious.

Franklin, Tennessee

Halloween Cities in America

Downtown Franklin is a heart of entertainment: here you will come across dozens of cafés, clubs and cozy places to hide from the autumn rain and enjoy Halloween atmosphere. Annual pumpkin fest is a real attraction for kids: young boys and girls will be eager to try themselves in carving and dressing up scary costumes.

Santa Ana, California

Halloween Cities in America

Some said the indigenous Tongva community members hid a lot of secrets in Santa Ana. If you choose to celebrate the scariest holiday here, join Ghost Walk. It is a 90-minute tour through historical mansions and mysterious streets of Mercado, which will revive bloody souls and cursed ghosts!

Stowe, Vermont

Classic New England architecture of Stowe takes you back to the times of Stingy Jack. Stowe Lantern tours, which are conducted each autumn, will engage you in an exciting journey. You will meet legendary ghosts of Stowe – Boots Berry and the Gold Brook Bridge bride. Vintage Inns and hotels will help create amazing Halloween atmosphere.

Irving, Texas

While other cities can offer you haunted houses, Irving may surprise and scary you with the haunted circus. Meet freaks and misfits at Strangling Brothers Circus. Also, churches with ghosts are waiting for the city wanderers.

Salem, Massachusetts

Halloween Cities in America

Residents of Salem celebrate Halloween throughout October. Horrorfest, which lasts four weeks, will astonish you and your family with a variety of offers: you can visit parties, exhibits, concerts and even meet a celebrity! Salem is a city of astonishing Halloween festival where you can feel real celebration of All Saints Day.

St. Augustine, Florida

Halloween Cities in America

Having been a Spanish settlement, St. Augustine is famous for colonial architecture. What impress all the visitors of this city is Augustine Alligator Zoological Park, where wild creatures live. Establish a connection with supernatural on Moonghost tour by the sea

Jersey City, New Jersey

If clubbing is your passion, you can’t miss the chance to visit Halloween tops in Jersey. ClubZone is organizing spectacular events, where you will have an opportunity to show your crazy costume and spend tremendous and “scary” time with friends

Princeton, New Jersey

Halloween Cities in America

This center of academic life is full of scary attributes: mysterious cemeteries, old campuses, and haunted buildings! Princeton is perfect for a family holiday: you can carve a pumpkin at Terhune Orchards and participate in ghost hunting.

New York, N.Y.

The city of eternal entertainment and joy! No celebration can be imagined without New York city’s lights and fireworks. Annual Village Halloween Parade is a must visit, if you are in New York for the weekend. Browse cool things to be for Halloween and impress your friends with extravagant dressing, because New York is a place to be weird and scary on Halloween!

About the author-

Sandra Larson, who works for https://au.edubirdie.com/ is an entertainment expert. She loves creating extraordinary costumes and visit parties. Being a freelance author, Sandra has time to explore the world and find new places to spend the weekend in. Sandra never gets tired of sharing advice, and her colleagues love her for that.

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The 10 Best Halloween Cities in America

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The 10 Best Halloween Cities in America

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