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The Indian Grand Canyon – Raneh Fall

We all have heard the tagline of Madhya Pradesh Tourism saying “Hindustan ka dil Dekho” and yes a few years back when I had gone to see this “Dil” of Hindustan my destination was Khajuraho.  Having explored those ancient temples and it’s beautiful architecture I still had two full days in hand and with an urge to see around the place I was suggested to go and see Raneh Fall.

raneh fall

Not having read or heard about this place I thought it might be just another fall, but wait before you jump into conclusion like I did. It’s no ordinary; it’s Extra-ordinary. Yes, don’t miss that Extra! Around 20 kms from Khajuraho I reached Raneh Fall. The very first sight left me dumbstruck. Named after King Rane Pratap, who ruled this placed during pre-independence these rock formations are believed to have been an outcome of volcanic eruptions and it looks no less than the Grand Canyon.

Raneh fall

The Raneh Falls is a natural cascade that has been created by the River Ken or the Karnavati river.  The ken river which actually comes from the Vindhyachal Hills reaches here to form the 5 kms long and it’s 30 meters deep while at places it’s 50 meters deep and canyon which is formed by crystalline granite.

raneh fall

These rock formation makes you wonder how beautiful can nature be. This river though covers a larger area but it’s only here where the canyon can be seen.

raneh fall

This ‘Grand Canyon of India’ beauty is worth making you go awestruck. As the river. Its flowing water makes it for a fall that’s doubles up the beauty of the canyon and yes it’s the locals very own mini Niagara. The fascinating canyon at the waterfall is made up of Granite and Dolomite. A photographer’s delights one can catch 5 different shades of rock here.

raneh fall

This underrated destination in India marks the edge of the Rewa plateau in Madhya Pradesh. Monsoons happen to give the best view of the canyon as the Ken river flows almost covering the rock formation due to the rise of water level.

raneh fall

Places close by the Raneh Fall that one can see are – Panna National Park and Tiger Reserve and Ken Ghariyal & Crocodile sanctuary.

raneh fall

Best time to visit – July to November

Entry ticket rates –

2 wheeler – Rs 40 for Indians and Rs 200 for foreigners

Jeep/car – Rs 200 for Indians and Rs 1000 for foreigners

Cycle or by foot: Rs 15 for Indians and Rs 150 for foreigners

Guide fees: Rs 40 per vehicle

Author: Ayandrali
The Indian Grand Canyon – Raneh Fall

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The Indian Grand Canyon – Raneh Fall

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