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Non-Vegetarian Don’t be Dishearten in Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad – The vegetarian hub of the country most of the times sees a little reluctance from the visiting carnivore population. With a majority of Hindu population, the city sees a much clear divide when it comes to vegetarian and non-vegetarian food. But the culinary divide is seeing a much transformation as the non-vegetarian fare is making its own space in the city and Non-Vegetarian food in Ahmedabad is no more a rarity.

With people from different walks of life who have not started to settle here, the food for sure needs to see a makeover. Though there is no dearth of street food in the city, those particular looking for non-vegetarian still need to try a little hard and walk that extra mile.

While here a few months back in order to satisfy my non-vegetarian craving I happen to explore Bhatiyar gali – the iconic meaty affair junction. In this whole hunt, I figured out that the Ahmedabad is divided into two distinct parts — the old and the new city – that’s bifurcated by the river Sabarmati. And yes it’s the old city which has few of the oldest and best non-veg restaurants around. Bhatiar Gulley which is located just close to the Teen Darwaja, I happen to notice shops frying, roasting and tossing meat as the flavors filled the air around. The place was a carnivore hub. The narrow lanes saw cluttered with stalls selling everything from Keema to Kebabs to paya (trotters), nalli (shanks) clubbed with a sheermal (Sweet bread). Just a word of caution if you are too finicky with cleanliness than this might not be your kinda place to visit.

I made sure I walk pass the lane first before I settle for any one place. ZK Hotel was my choice. As I walked in the hot Tawa filled with chicken mixed in spices and being prepared fresh made me think the choice of place was of course right. As I settled I decided to order some hot tandoori rotis, kebabs and a keema kalegi.

Those juicy chunks or meaty delight was just perfect to ease my craving. Not to forget that these eateries are open only in the evenings and roadside fare too seemed a big hit amongst the localities. With a full meal ranging from Rs 150 to 400 one surely leaves with a big smile. Once I gulped down all of them I still was left with some space for the order a Suleimani or Lemon Chai – not to miss as the lime tea breaks the meat down and eases digestion.

Once done with Bhatiyar gali I headed to Khamasa which is closer to Cross Jamalpur Bridge. Walking past this area I was suddenly thrown open to a chaos and clutter of the roadside eateries and I even before I reached there the aroma filled my senses. I knew they had something great in store for me.  The locality sees 4 laris or street each having one of their specialty – Beef, egg, and chicken. From kaleja to bheja to kebabs to tandoori items the place sees all these in abundance. Fairly priced somewhere between Rs 50 to Rs100 a plate try them with phulkas.

Surprised and packed with happiness at the same time I left this non-vegetarian hub with much satisfaction seeing how much variety the Ahmedabad has to offer. Truly one just have to look around and see.

Author: Ayandrali
Non-Vegetarian Don’t be Dishearten in Ahmedabad

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Non-Vegetarian Don’t be Dishearten in Ahmedabad

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