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How Tampons made my beach holiday hassle free

Every time I get set ready for my travel, the first thing that I put in my bag is the sanitary napkins irrespective of the fact whether my dates are around the corner or not. Safety is always better all the more when you are travelling to a new land, where things might not be immediately in your access. You never know how to procure your girly stuff -m Tampons or Sanitary pads when in dire need or emergency; so I always felt safe to carry it. 

This time as I was packing my bags for Maldives, deep down I knew those were exactly the dates of my menstrual cycle. No matter how much I craved for the beach, but somewhere I sulked a bit thinking I won’t be able to enjoy the way I would have if my period dates were on not coinciding. Bad timing! but I I just couldnt have sat back and cribbed. Plan B – Tampons 

No letting to compromise on anything neither agreeing to pop a pill to push the dates, I decided to try out Tampons for the very first time. All females will agree to the fact that cramps are never fun, but it gets worst and more unfun when you are headed for the beach and you see splashing water all around. I was thinking of lying down on my stomach on those pristine beaches and relax but that seems like a distant dream. I had picked up a pack of tampons without even knowing how to use, though after few YouTube tutorials I gathered the courage to use. Like any other woman I was intimidated by tampons the first time, I was to try them.

Without a second thought, I had picked up a pack of tampons even without knowing how to use. After few YouTube tutorials, I gathered the courage to use. Like any other woman I was intimidated by tampons the first time, I was to try them. Your first creates the last impression.

Pic license – creative commons

And then the first evening as I headed to the Bikini Beach in Maafushi, I opened this pack as I was also about to shed my fear and inhibition and used it for the VERY FIRST TIME. But I would seriously suggest that just practice once before you go to the beach (but while you are on your period, don’t try a tampon when you don’t have your period, due to dryness it can be painful and dangerous). Once I inserted and felt comfy and confident I was ready to hit the beach and take a dip in those saline waters. With a little jiffy and uncertainty, I played in the water and being the first time a lot of my focus went on making sure it’s fine in place. Out of water, I went to clean up only to see how smooth my dive was, without bothering about stains or anything.

Rest of the day I shifted to my good old sanitary napkins while reading and sunbathing, but since I was on the beach whole day I made sure it doesn’t have wings as wearing hot pants would make it visible. And the backup plan if non-wings are not available is to wrap a sarong around your waist.

The real test of tampons came on the day I was doing my SCUBA. I couldn’t have given Scuba a miss that too in Maldives. It was going to be my first underwater experience, couldn’t have spoilt it for anything. Tampons came to my rescue as I geared up in my scuba gear only to come out happy and high and not to worry about stains, that could have possibly been spoilt if I had used sanitary napkins. Comfort beyond compare and easy on your body Tampons are something that I will always have them as my backup plan whenever I head to the beach or to the pool. No more stopping or looking back.

Periods shouldn’t be the reason to keep you away from traveling. With the right kind of prep in advance, nothing seems impossible to get through any vacation be it the beach or the mountains.

Point to remember – 

  • Be careful while inserting, don’t force it inside
  • Get rid of the tampons before 6 hours
  • Change immediately after swimming.
  • Make sure that the string hangs outside
  • Shift between pad and tampon
  • Coming from personal experience always remember  if the tampon is inserted correctly, you will not feel it
  • Don’t try to insert two of them
  • And going by household remedies – Hydrate yourself, less caffeine, and have lemonade instead of soda or alcoholic beverages to reduce bloating.
Author: Ayandrali
How Tampons made my beach holiday hassle free


How Tampons made my beach holiday hassle free

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