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Calm beaches, clear water and sunny skies; Andaman and Nicobar Islands have it all. They are the best place to visit if some wants to quench their thirst for travel. Almost 600 islands to explore, it is like a lottery for someone with wanderlust. There are so many ways in which you can enjoy your stay on these islands. Doesn’t matter for how many days you stay, each and every day spent at Andaman and Nicobar Islands would be filled with adventure. Some of the ways in which you can spend your time here and enjoy it fully are:


Who wouldn’t love to watch the beauty that these oceans behold underneath the water surface? Each one of us would. You can swim with the schools of fish underneath water by doing scuba diving. You don’t need swimming skills for this if you go for the basic scuba diving. You can even walk through all the plants and fishes. Trainers are available for each and everything and you can do both the things under expert supervision.

Looking at the beautiful fishes and walking through the blue ocean water would be the best thing you will ever experience as you can see the marine life and the rare corals. There are some corals which grow especially on these islands and you can actually see them. Sometimes, some paces are closed for some time so that the corals can grow beautifully. There are many other water sports which you can experience.


What if the stars that you see in the sky come underneath your feet? You will probably say that that’s far from possible. Actually, it’s not. On a no moon night, if you visit the Havelock Island you will see that the water is glowing like there are stars on it. This happens because of the presence of phytoplankton in the water which glows like stars. It will be like the galaxy is under your feet. Kayaks can be arranged if you want to go further into the water and watch this miracle of light. It is very mesmerizing to watch. Nothing else is needed; you can just sit in the boat and watch those beautiful lights on the water. There will be no greater peace than that.


Flying in the air is already fascinating but Andaman and Nicobar Islands have an even more fascinating thing than that. You can fly in a plane over the sea. There is no way you can afford to miss this. Take a ride on the amazing sea plane and feel like royalty. You and your family will have the time of their life. You can choose to take a trip on the sea plane from Port Blair to where you are staying instead of taking the ferry which will take much more time. Save some time and have fun.


Trekking is one of the favourite things of tourists around the world. Getting to explore the dense forests on our own is another level of satisfaction. You can trek to the highest point of Andaman and Nicobar Islands or you can choose to trek from Mt. Harriet which is the third highest peak in the archipelago to Madhuban. There is beautiful dense forest all around on the way. You will feel so close to nature when you see all the greenery around you. The scenery is really breathtaking and like a blow of fresh air to our tensed minds. Loose all your worries and go on this trek.


Kaala pani or the cellular central jail is one of the most iconic places to visit on these islands. It has a history that goes way back to the time of independence. Even a person who doesn’t like history would be pulled towards it because of the all the pain and suffering that the walls of this jail have seen. You can almost feel their pain. There is special light show organised on the premises in the evening which shows the story of the people who were kept prisoner in these walls. Even the architecture of the jail is so interesting; you can see how those prisoners were kept in total containment. You will surely shed a tear when you see the signs of torture on the walls. Spend a day in this area and see the light and sound show at the end. You will go back satisfied for sure.


I am sure your partner will ask you to walk with him/her because of the ambience of the white sandy beaches. Wherever you go, Havelock Island or Ross and Smith islands; you will surely find isolated beaches where you can spend a moment in peace. The beaches may be crowded in between but if you go on walking to either side of the coast you will find yourself in a completely isolated place. People who love to spend time with themselves and just lay down in peace; this is the best option for you.

You can even take a ferry and go from one island to another if you want to see the sunset. It will be so beautiful that you would never want to go back to the city. The serene beauty these islands provide us with is out of the world. Even the Ross and Smith islands are separated by just a small pathway, you can go from one island to another and you won’t even know when you reached the second island. There are so many adventures that just wait for us to explore them.


Want to see thousands of species of birds in just one place? Chidiya tapu is the pace for you. It has tons of different birds that you can watch and sit in silence with your family. You can make a day out of it. It is a small island where you can sit and have picnic with your loved ones while watching the beautiful birds. Your heart will be filled with love for those little creatures and you would surely want to take one home but unfortunately, you can’t. You can fill up your mind with all the beautiful memories and take them back home.

There are many other places like the Neil Island, Samudrika Marine Museum, Rajiv Gandhi Sports complex in Port Blair, Radhanagar beach in Havelock Island, Mahatma Gandhi marine national park, mud volcanoes of Baratang, an active volcano at Barren Island, Mongluton rubber plantations, limestone caves in Baratang and the list will never end.

Final Words

Pack your whole wardrobe and spend time here and you will feel refreshed. Moreover, by using the goibibo coupons  you’ll save extra on your travel expenditures and can avail discounts on hotels and other related expenses. You can get the best hotels from goibibo and make your stay even better. With some money saved and the nature’s bounties you will have the time of your life for sure.

The best 7 ways to spend your time have been mentioned above. There isn’t a place on these islands that you won’t find interesting and entertaining. Each day you spend on these islands you will find yourself doing different kinds of adventures. Once you visit Andaman and Nicobar Island you will want to come back again and again.

Author: Ayandrali

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