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Kumbhalgarh Fort – Rajasthan’s Wall of Fame

Be it their glorious past or the bright and vibrant people, Rajasthan has always been favourite the all time favourite spot for all tourist or travellers. Forts, havelis, lakes sum up this Rajput land.


But my last visit here was somewhat different. I was here in Udaipur for three day music festival and during that time had heard so much about the grand fort of Kumbhalgarh, that I couldn’t have skipped it anyway. Had to tick this out from my list.


This UNESCO World Heritage Site, holds the record of being the second largest wall in the world after Great Wall of China was built by Maharana Kumbh.

Situated 82 km northwest of Udaipur by road, the walls of this magnificent fort can be spotted from far even with naked eyes. This beautiful citadel sees seven massive gates with Ram pol being the most massive of them.


The moment I got down and my eyes caught the first glimpse of this beauty standing strong for ages gone by. It was not like any other normal forts that I have seen over the years. I knew it would surpirse me. Standing tall in the middle of a forest on Aravali Hills, as I climbed on the 36 km long fort wall over 13 hill peaks, the panoramic view of the whole landscape was worth a sight.


Going a bit back in history Kumbalgarh was considered as the undefeated fort by the Shishodia kings and they felt this was a safe haven for their princess. Not to forget that this place happens to be the birth place of Maharana Pratap, one of the greatest warriors in history.

Today this huge fort area sees hundreds of temple scattered inside the fort, amongst which the Shiva Temple and the Ganesha Temple is the most well-known. As I trekked my way to the fort the huge walls left me in total awe.


The Badal Mahal (Adobe of Clouds)– built by Rana Fateh Singh is the highest palace that gives an awesome view of the surroundings as you climb up here through the winding pathways, while Kumbha Palace – the two storeyed edifices and two rooms and an open space is almost in ruins and is in tatters. It further leads to Jhalia ka Malia or the Palace of The Queen Jhalia – the main attraction where Maharana Pratap is believed to be born.


As you walk by the walls of the fort that are 15 feet thick, the grand look gives you a testimony of that time and what royalty actually would have been like.

Entry Ticket and Timings: INR 10 for Indian and INR 100 for Foreign Nationals.  Digital Cameras are not chargeable.

Fort remains open from 8.00 AM to 6.00 PM daily throughout the year

Light and Sound show- INR 100 per person for Indian, INR 250 for foreigners

Author: Ayandrali
Kumbhalgarh Fort – Rajasthan’s Wall of Fame

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Kumbhalgarh Fort – Rajasthan’s Wall of Fame

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