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Fira and Oia – An Example Of Picture Perfect Streets of Greece

Dear Amour!!

You are not only beatific but also enchanting. Your charm allures the most beautiful smile any woman can wear. 

If any place can conquer your imagination and sooth your eyes; think no further, it has to be Santorini in Greece. The postcard perfect place with Blue and White houses, streets smiling with pretty pink Bougainvillea looks no less than a set picked from fairy land.


With 300 m from a sea-drowned caldera, Santorini is a result of a vast crater left by volcanic eruptions. As you walk the beautifully paved narrow winding streets of Fira, with the artistic Aegean Sea on one side and the beautiful architecture with the picturesque square, its paints a picture perfect feel of that dream destination which everyone craves for.


Fira – cultural and commercial centre of the Santorini, sees most of its cafes and pubs fill up with tourists all the time.


As you move to the village of Oia (known to have one of the best sunsets in the world) the view of the city from the castle that too during sunset is magical. Soak in the hour and let your eyes capture the magnificent view of the town of Oia lit up at blue hour. Nothing could be better at that moment.


Both of these small town sees artwork display by some great artist’s on streets, excellent wineries along the sea line the island has everything in store to give you a holiday that will last a lifetime in your memory.


The beauty of these streets make them on the list of most magical streets in the world. Both the villages – Fira and Oia are located on the perched on the edge of the caldera. This gives a an amazing 180 degree view to the Aegean Sea and the volcano.


These flowery streets set perfect example how these pink beauties can enhance the glamour and look of a place creating a place that speaks of tranquility and peace and even inspiration for many.

Those white and blue villas, cave houses, mystical cobbled pavements and numerous stair cases leads to a world of its own. The beauty of these places doesn’t end here – The town of Fira also has many churches and monasteries as treasures. Be it the Agios Minas, the cathedral of Ipapanti, the cathedral of Christ, the monastery of Panagia ton Dominikanidon, Panagia tou Rodariou and the Catholic Cathedral. fira

Quaint cafes, shops selling souvenirs, people full of life and happiness and not to miss those beautiful bougainvillea adorning the streets on both sides they not only add to the charm of this place but also makes Fira and Oia a place that will be etched in your memory for long.

Best Time to Visit Santorini –

High Season (late June to early September)
Shoulder Season (May and June, September and October)
Low Season (November to April)

Author: Ayandrali
Fira and Oia – An Example Of Picture Perfect Streets of Greece

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Fira and Oia – An Example Of Picture Perfect Streets of Greece

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  1. Baalmiki Bhattacharyya

    the magical beauty of the place and the soaking journey so well penned that i already want to visit the place. the photographs add to the resplendency. awesome!

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