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A Trek To Wanderlust – Prashar Lake

This hidden gem of the Himachal, Prashar Lake is situated at the height of 2730 meters (nearly 9000 feet). The scenic beauty of the slanting meadows will leave you enchanted. Here’s a first-hand account of a friend and adventure freak – Rohit Singla

prashar lake

“Base town is Mandi and we reached a day early so that we could get good sleep night before the trek day. Day of the trek, I was supposed to be an easy hike of around 4 hrs but nature had something else in store for us. Yes, it was very cloudy and just when we hit the road it started pouring. We reached Baggi village, starting point of trek and took about 2.5 hrs to get there.


With what if’s in mind, clouds cleared up and we thought this was our signal to march ahead. But 10 mins of walking and the rain was back, so forgetting what would happen now, we jst started enjoying the rain and trek. Soon, we hit the jungle and climb started getting steeper and rain was not our only worry; we started huffing puffing for air.


Slow and steady we walked up, soaking in the fresh air and after about 2.5 hrs took our first long lunch break and gods had some mercy on our food and sun shone bright on our heads. Yups, a nice game of hide and seek. We started walking again and after another 1hr we started hitting small snow patches and another hour into the walking we were up and could see lots of snow and from that point on we just had to walk horizontally up till the lake.


First sight of lake was blissful, rains had finally stopped but being wet in that weather for almost 5 hrs cold started hitting bad, with everyone shivering we got into dry clothes with some wearing 3 layers of t-shirts as the woolens had gotten wet. But ahh!!, maggi and chai in that weather and view and you forget everything else.

And yes, sun had finally come out and it felt nice and cosy.  Finally time to pull out the camera and after an hour of clicking and sunset, I walked backed to the campsite merrily jumping around like a kid but ahh I had forgotten to have water in all this excitement and our leader did some quick checks and obviously I was also told to have more water.

prashar lake

Night had set in and after a delicious dinner we set in for bed, and sleep was easy to come. But the photographer in me had to obviously get up to see the moon (very close to being a full moon night) and try to get a nice night photo.

prashar lake

Again first one to wake up the next morning, to go higher up (20 min) hike, and see the sun rise and yes this time the effort was graciously rewarded. Dhauladhar range glow orange as the sun came up and 360 deg views from that small peak was blissful. I sat there for some time even after everyone left to just have some time with nature.


The sun had shone in its full glory and as we walked we could see those reminiscent of snow traces of snow in between the path. The beautiful view was simply enchanting, one could just keep looking at it till eternity.


The picture perfect crystal blue sky with the pristine green beauty around on those huge larger than lifesize brown mountains formed a picturesque view.


Reached Mandi by evening and an easy trek left sufficient memories in our mind etched forever. I had only one thought, does everything happen the way it’s supposed to be. If it hadn’t rained the first day, with much lesser struggle would the climb have left so satisfactory and accomplishing. With a cheer on my face, I felt glad that it rained and we did just fine.



Rohit – a self-claimed techie, unbridled adventure lovers who often escapes the concrete jungle to retain his insanity. He skills behind the lens can be very well seen this this write-up.


Author: Ayandrali
A Trek To Wanderlust – Prashar Lake

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A Trek To Wanderlust – Prashar Lake

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