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Haunted Chronicles- Putulbari In Pictures

Anything haunted always sounds more exciting and the urge to see that place and explore keeps itching us. Every city has their own little dark secrets that’s been hidden and we know most of the time these haunted stories actually just have a history of rumours.kolkata

One such place in Kolkata is Putulbari or The House Of Dolls. Over the years the place has seen many said unsaid stories revolving around this house. Though in tatters now Putulbari still grab a many eye balls and interest. And because of the same reason I too decided to explore this house during my last visit to Kolkata. After a little hunt my brother and I found the place, not very far from Nimtala ghat (burning ghat) very close to the Sovabazar jetty, we spotted this huge semi-red coloured building whose identity was two fairy doll on top pf the terrace. That makes it easier to spot.


Walking along the railway tracks as we reached the entrance the family their sounded much irritated and annoyed as many like us come each day just to catch a glimpse of the place. Sounding much rude they denied our entry saying “Bhetore jaya baron” (It’s prohibited to go inside) and we were directed to the main entrance which was on the other side.


If stories are to be believed it goes like the  wealthy owners who lived there used to sexually exploit the ‘nautch-girls’ (Baiji’s) and the story did not end here; few of them even had to pay their lives when raised their voices. It’s said that in the upper stories lives the dark spirits of those females. It’s their aatma (soul) who now have made it their permanent residence.


Keeping all these stories aside we reached the front main entrance where on the wall it was clearly written in Bengali “ No photography” and noticed it a small scale industry that was being run from the ground floor who were not even bothered who came or what. The building which is now in much dilapidated state sees much of Roman designs influence. The fallen plaster speaks about the age of the house. There are people who still occupy the house who by no chance believe in those ghost stories that have been doing round.


With not much luck to peep inside I had to leave the place.

Location: Putul Bari lies right next to the Circular Rail track

Author: Ayandrali
Haunted Chronicles- Putulbari In Pictures

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Haunted Chronicles- Putulbari In Pictures

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