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Travel Far To Find The New You

If you think your genes are responsible for the way you behave, think again. Not that I thought differently till sometime ago, but once I found my love, the only thing I knew was that I have to make this relationship work. TRAVEL- was the love that I found and then, there was no looking back for me.


It was around two years back, when I vowed to myself that I would travel every month, come what may. I had to break away from the shackles of the concrete jungle and smell the happiness that’s around and soak myself in it.

I believe that every realization is sudden, and it was no different for me. I thought to myself, the world is out there and I need to move from the 9-5 routine and step out, so that I have stories to tell when I grow old.


Today, I can happily boast that after 24 months, having crossed 26 landscapes, all I can feel is sheer joy. The ‘so called’ changes were small, but pretty visible. Earlier, the good old me used to get angry over trivial things and get worked up, though I had a smile on my face, but seemed totally hassled. And today, as I am breathing towards the end of 2015, I am more aware and in touch with the things that can be taken care of with the slightest of shift and am more open to embrace life.

My life has mostly been scattered (not that it’ organized now), but today I do see a method in my madness. In fact, I love it that way. Travel unleashed the braver me. As I travelled, it was like I was peeling myself – layer by layer.


Travel is freedom, it’s empowering – these words might sound familiar, but to me they only seem practical today. I don’t know what ‘absolute freedom’ is, but every time I pack my bags and step out, I come back with a much better attitude and new outlook that makes my daily fight if not a cakewalk, a smooth affair. My fickle self has become more stable and the tsunami of emotions has found a path. With a newer perspective, there’s been a huge difference in the kind of person I’ve become.

The butterflies that I thought were long dead, have surfaced again. As I pack my bags to travel all by myself, I just say, “It’s okay” as long as I am not lonely. The restless soul that I am, only travel could satiate my hunger and literally, it did, as it gave me a chance to try anything and everything under the sun.


The relationship that you form with your surroundings with the newly created perspective, as you get introduced to newer cultures and horizons is completely life-changing and gives out nothing less than a new YOU. I saw my smile changing into laughter – full of soul and life. I learnt to see humour in many tough situations, and yes like the song, ‘The winner takes it all,’ I took it all into my stride. Travel has showed me that there’s so much more than what meets the eye.


I really can’t jot down points about what TRAVEL has done to me, but yes, in countless ways it has changed me, has shaped me into the person that I am today. And, it feels great! The excitement that I get every time I hit a new path is beyond words or expressions.

I’ll end by saying- Be on your own, at least once to feel the bliss of the endless sky and the stars above. Take that trip as it’s time to fall in love with yourself again.

Disclaimer: Post was first published http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/

Author: Ayandrali
Travel Far To Find The New You

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Travel Far To Find The New You

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