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One Fine Day At Volendam

Being a true bong at heart, the very thought of fish makes my heart skip a beat. And what else can be more tempting t than to visit the quaint little fishing town called Volendam in North Holland. During my five-day stay in Amsterdam I knew that I had to visit this town as it was just perfect when it comes to taste some provincial beauty of the country.


Within barely half-hour of me boarding the bus to Volendam, I could see getting taste of Dutch countryside as I watched red-brick houses, black-and-white cows and unlimited patches of greenery. And I was there in no time. The wooden bridges, alleyways, brick houses in this little town is nothing less than a nostalgic stroll.

The Charm Around
This Dutch waterland, situated just at the mouth of the Ij River, as you step into this town, there is this silent buzz (yes right! Silent buzz), but the moment you arrive the main center the sight of old fishing boats, shops selling traditional Dutch stuff and memorabilia will catch any tourist attention.


As you walk around the town admiring the harbour and checking out the shops, you can just imagine how beautiful the place must have been during good old days.  Once visited by famous the town is known as the pearl of the Zuiderzee (was a shallow bay of the North Sea). The name of the village to the present day world to the imagination of millions of tourists.


This fishermen’s village is extremely charming and as you walk around the place you get a glimpse of traditional lifestyles of this so called touristy town.

Grabbing A Dutch Bite
When you are at this fishing town, make sure that you don’t miss the sinfully addictive Herrings (both raw and smoked).

DSC04219 (3)

Since I was on a day visit, I planned to hop just two bars and sip in some beer as I watched the harbour and life here. I made Restaurant Pieterman Marinapark Volendam my first stop.


Having comfortably seated at outside, sipping bear, munching some Roll Smoked Salmon along with some grilled goat cheese, life couldn’t have been much better and sorted then.

IMG_20150913_164431 (2)

As you walk around the town don’t miss the food trucks selling variety of fish preparations and those little corner candy shops. Being a banana addict I could not stop myself from having banana dipped in chocolate loaded with sprinklers.

Visit the Volendam Museum and get a glimpse of their tradition and also a chance to dress up the traditional way and get clicked (though I skipped that). The place mainly shows you the ‘History of Volendam’ and ‘Volendam in words and pictures’, ‘Singing and dancing tradition’.


Adjoining to the museum is the Cigarband House and picture theatre at the old quarter. The cigar place is an unique example how 11 million cigar-bands have been used to compose a unique collection of mosaics.

Peep into the The Volendam Fish Auction, located in the harbour. The original construction still exist. Now it’s become a full-fledged tourist attraction.

IMG_20150913_183046 (2)

Pick up some memories as you walk inside any souvenir shops from wooden clog miniatures keychains and stuffed clog souvenirs as well as tulip buds.

Don’t forget to quickly pack some cheese from the Cheese Factory and yes once there don’t hesitate to be a part of the taste-testing opportunities.

Tip: While here you can make quick trip to Edam (for its cheese), Marken which is at stone throw distance.

Volendam Museum – Adult: € 2,50, Senior: € 2, Child: € 2

Distance from Amsterdam to Volendam – 25 kms approx

How to reach Volendam from Amsterdam: There valid for busconnections between Amsterdam Central Station to Volendam. A one-way ticket costs  € 5 (approx) with OV-chipkaart.

Author: Ayandrali
One Fine Day At Volendam

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One Fine Day At Volendam

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