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6 Unusual Museums In Amsterdam

Be the traveller explore the city. Amsterdam is #nofilter city. As a frequent traveller, I happened to land here and found that it was one of the coolest cities that I have ever been. With so much to do, the city just never fails to amuse you, but my favourites remained hoping around the city and exploring few of its most unique museums that one could even think of that they exist.

Tulip Museum:


Walking along few cafes, fine shops and galleries you will happen to notice some beautiful exhibits of Tulip and that’s when you will come to know you have arrived your destination – the Tulip Museum.

The very sight of full-bloomed multi coloured tulips made me go crazy as that was the first time I saw these pretty little blooms. The national flower of the Netherlands have captivated people around the world for centuries. Introduced to Netherlands by the Ottoman Empire the museum shows the history of the Dutch fascination with them and those who want see them bloom in their own courtyard can even shop various bulbs of Tulips from here.

The highlight of the place is – two short films in English which talks about ‘Tulipmania’ in the 17th century and the tulip paintings by 17th-century painter Judith Leijster.

Opening hours: Open daily from 10 am – 6 pm. Closed April 26 & Dec. 25
Tickets: €15 Families, € 5 Adults, € 3 Students

Van Gogh Museum:

Van Gogh Museum

A fan of Van Gogh and his work, then this museum is a must visit, as it has maintained the huge and the largest collection of the works of Vincent van Gogh (1853-1890). Be it his paintings, drawings or letters it’s a storehouse of art and culture. With more than 200 painting, 500 drawings his work is organized in chronological order in 5 periods – each different period of his life and work. The place has been beautifully curated and sees some great volume of paintings that would leave you awed. Apart from it the place also sees paintings by other artists who influenced Van Gogh.

The museum sees on the maximum footfall (1.6 million visitors every year), making it one of the top most popular museum in the world. There are proper guided tour in English starts at 7 pm and Dutch at 8 pm.

Opening hours: March 1 – September 1 and December 27-31, Daily 9am until 6pm, Friday until 10pm, rest of the year: Daily 9am until 5pm, Friday until 10pm. ( Image courtesy Fb page Van Gogh museum)
Tickets: € 17 Adults

Torture Museum:

Torture Museum

If you want to know about the painful past of other civilization, then Torture Museum is a must visit for you. As I walked passed the lane and saw the board, the unique concept of the museum made me eager to take a look inside. The museum gives u a taste of the barbaric conditions that existed in the Middle Age. The place also gives you a glimpse of several mediaeval torture instruments and but because of the dim lights they might look like hidden in the darkness.

There tagline goes: Scaring the hell out of you, it surely does in real sense. All museum information has been typed in English, Dutch, French, German, Italian and Spanish.

Opening hours: Daily 10 am. – 11 pm.
Tickets: Adults € 5,- ; Children € 2,50

Houseboat Museum:

Houseboat Museum

Initiated by Vincent van Loon the Houseboat Museum in the city is one totally unique of its kind. Seeing the interest and curiosity of the people in Houseboat, this museum was opened in 1997. Located on the Prinsengracht, once you  head inside the noise from streets around fade away and you are transported to a different world. You can get to see the authentic skipper’s quarters with sleeping bunk, life-size Livingroom, kitchen and bathroom. With ample space inside you can make yourself comfortable in the armchair in the Dutch lounge. It also houses a small little shop for one to pick mementoes.

The vessel which houses this houseboat museum was built in 1914 and was named Hendrika Maria.  The museum sees a descriptive booklet in 13 languages to everyone to get a hang of the place.

Opening hours: 10 am – 05 pm
Tickets: Adults – € 4,50,  Children (5 – 15) – € 3,50

Sex Museum:


Located in the middle of the traffic madness at the Damrak street is the Sex museum. Yes you heard it right. On display is the plaster figure of Venus at the entry and wax figures of Mata Hari with her male partners and Marilyn Monroe, which are the main attraction. The walls at different levels depict forms of love making act and the two huge plastic phalluses standing erect makes for a good photo opportunity.

The place sees extensive collection of erotic pictures, paintings, objects, recordings, photographs all of which have been gathered together personally by the owners and can be viewed in their 17th century property on the Damrak.

Opening hours: Every day 9.30 am. to 11.30 pm.
Tickets: € 4. Minimum age is 16 years!

Hash, Marihuana and Hemp Museum:

Yes you heard it right. Existing since 1985, the museum is located at walking distant from the Red Light District. The place sees the civilized use of cannabis, its history and tradition, antique devices used for hemp processing along with unique collection of cannabis and is a place with all important informative role. The small art gallery showcases some of the art works by painters and photographers from time to time. The museum is both interesting and instructive with more than 12,000 cannabis related items.

Opening hours: 10 am – 10 pm
Tickets: €9

Apart from these few of the other interesting ones which are on my list to cover during my next trip happens to be Kattenkabinet (Cat Cabinet), Spectacles Museum, Vrolik Museum.

Author: Ayandrali
6 Unusual Museums In Amsterdam

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6 Unusual Museums In Amsterdam

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