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Master the Art Of Bag-Packing Right

Every time my travelling schedule comes closer, the eternal question of how and what do I pack keeps haunting me. Like everything else I have started believing that “packing it right” too is an art. We all secretly aspire to pack light. The vagabond souls like us would always be happy to see a bag packed which they can pick and hit the road any time. What say?

The very moment I start, I always have an idea how much I need to pack but the fear that it might be less is ever constant. There is always this tug what if any occasion/ need arises and I really don’t have anything to fit then.

travel backpack

After 20 months, having done 24 trips, I have not mastered the art of packing light and right but at least have got fair idea and hang of the trick to pack light and clever. It all starts with taking the correct decisions as to what will do inside your bag, then surely it’s a less headache. It lessens the whole burden of carrying up those heavy bags all by yourself unless you have a superman’s muscle strength.

These pointers that I have finally come up with might not be the ultimate trick to make your travel convenient and economical, but I can rest assure that try it once and who knows it might just work, like it did for me.

  • First things first – lay all your stuff outside that you plan to carry and do a quick check on the usability of each of them. Make sure the list doesn’t have stuff which you think can be done without or can be bought from the place you’re going ( smaller basic stuff)
  • This followed by a backpack/suitcase that is easier to carry. Bigger is not always better. The catch also lies that smaller bags by default will not let you put more stuff. Easy trick.

travel bag

  • Quick cheat- place your clothes vertically, it gives you more space and you can see all of them are clearly too.
  • One step easier roll your t-shirts and towels; it helps to save space.
  • Easier still you can forgo towels as most of the hotels provide them, if staying in home stay, hostel you can always check with them
  • Keep a check on your clothing – try packing mix n match and layering of clothes. Layering also helps in colder weather.


  • While carrying toiletries like shampoo, conditioner etc. carry pouches. They help to reduce weight.
  • Keep a check on your clothing’s fabric like that of thickness, weight, texture and more. Carry durable clothing.
  • Even if the weather demands still leave those heavy jackets and boots, rather you can go by using folding jackets.

travel packing

  • Shoes take u a lot up space – stick to maximum two pair – that too only if needed. Take the ones which are most comfy and durable.
  • Book lovers apart from just one hard copy ( as I personally love the fell of a book) for rest carry a kindle.
  • Carry basic gadgets.
  • Packing it right and light helps you having an easy transit between places. No nightmare.

While packing – think that if you  have to carry your luggage for more that five minutes will you be comfortable or it would leave you huffing and puffing for breath? With practice we all can get better in this art.

And hey! Don’t forget to keep space for those memories in the form of souvenirs that you’ll carry back. I have learnt that travel teaches how un-clutter your life in the most rewarding way.


Image courtesy: mgfave.com

                                                                                   Happy Travelling !! 

Author: Ayandrali
Master the Art Of Bag-Packing Right

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Master the Art Of Bag-Packing Right

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