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Get Booked at Café Illiterati

As the tagline of the place says “There Is No Good Explanation For What Is Going On Here”, once you step in, you would clearly get the idea why so. Books, books and more books is what will catch your attention – and that is the USP of Cafe Illiterati. Quite opposite to its name you get to see wall to wall racks, filled with neatly stacked books be it biographies, psychology, travel, novels and more. The collection is simply astounding!


Owned by this guy, Yannick Ramaekers, a Belgian national, he has been living in Dharamsala for 17 years. Cafe Illiterati (map here) located in a quaint little corner in Mcleodganj is just perfect if your idea of travelling is to get lost into wilderness. Sheesham wood furniture, a piano, a guitar and the mighty Dhauladhar ranges for a breathtaking view. Is there anything else that one would ask for, once here? This place is just one step short of heaven.


Located at the lower Jogiwara road, in Mcleodganj right next to a Royal Enfield workshop, this café has no signage that would make you find this place a bit easier (guess that’s a deliberate effort). In the middle of nowhere this storehouse of books is any day worth the walk that one would take to reach here. It’s hard that one will not fall in love with this place. As you browse through each shelf at leisure sipping your hot cuppa, the misty mountains crave for your attention as the dark clouds fill the sky to shower some love again.


With all the lovely enchanting ambience, as you flip through the menu it would not let you down. With most of the stuff being organic and home grown you can be rest assured to get the best in quality. Home-made fresh bakes will make you want some more of them. Hummus lovers don’t miss this as the fresh hummus topped with generous amount of olive oil, along with perfectly baked focaccia bread accompanied with cucumber salad is worth the try.


While the hungry ones who are looking for some great food, do order their plain and simple English breakfast:  it is just perfect to a Tee.


Cooked to perfection was the Penne Arrabiata-Pasta in red sauce, with just the right dose of flavours to tickle you. And yes, do give there Chicken Burger a try –  Packed in sesame bread with the right amount of sauces, it won’t get messy for you, rather you will get your smile back. And to give these dishes a company from the beverage section choose the honey lemon ginger tea, green tea, or a glass of fresh juice.


Nothing in the menu will disappoint you. Don’t think it’s the end – as the end is more beautiful – their Pancake is filled with hot chocolate sauce for that bite of happiness. Any temptation is always hard to evade.

Don’t miss to grab a seat by the balcony, and see your imagination take that flight of fantasy and just see time slip by you without even you coming to know of it. The café is a perfect hideout to your romanticism and tranquillity as you travel.


Word Of Caution: Booklovers make sure you visit this place soon as illegal construction might soon spoil the whole view that one would crave for.

Address: Jogiwara Rd, Jogiwara village, Upmuhal, Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh 176219

Time: 9 am – 9 pm

Author: Ayandrali
Get Booked at Café Illiterati

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Get Booked at Café Illiterati

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There are 12 comments

  1. gurpreetsinghtikku

    I literally ahd a Cup of tea there while having their PAsta. That is the power of your writing Ayandrali jee…..

    Now I really want to visit this place and just relax by the balcony doing nothing.

    As and Suprapta Bhai said… it shall be more fun to go with you…. par aap to yaad bhi nahi karte humko jaane se pehle. Chalo ab rehne do………

    Keep Travelling, Keep Writing, Keep Inspiring 🙂

  2. tingmozema

    It is a wonderful tribute to Illiterati and rightly so. I happen to live close by and consider that space as a blessing; something that completes what was missing before.
    It is that space where I was introduced to Fernando Pessoa ( will never forget it), danced to Helen songs and with Yannick’s most stunning creations-his kids, listened to some amazing pianists, met people from diverse backgrounds and most crucially, devoured food and books with equal delight.
    The balcony of the cafe opens to a stunning view of the Himalayas where I have spent many hours in melancholy; nursing myself and finding strength from the majestic mountains. Yes, it is quite therapeutic and how wholesome this place is.

    Heck, now I feel like I should have written about it also. So much to say for a comment post.

    Anyway, this dashing man aka Yannick, has gifted my hometown a beautiful masterpiece, Illiterati and I am thankful that he did it.

    ps: did you know his first choice for the name of his cafe was kabristan? Now there is a whole another chapter to write about it no? 🙂

    1. Ayandrali

      Hey,I’s really very kind of u to take out this time and put down these beautiful words. Glad to know that u liked it and yes yur hometown is undoubtedly lovely rather no less than a bliss to be .. Well that’s an amazing peice of info that Yannick chose the earlier name of his cafe was kabristan.

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